Within 5 weeks I was 185 lbs a 37lb loss , people not only said I had lost weight they were saying how well I looked and how trim and toned .

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By: Mac F.

I am a 52-year-old UK Police officer, working shifts on the front line, like a lot of people these days I have a busy and sometimes hectic work life. I have been into fitness most of my life however like many of us I started to put the pounds on over the years. I had what I thought was a healthy diet and lifestyle. It was always a mystery to me how I felt good some days and so tired on others, my workouts too seemed to be a lottery, some days great some days flat. Even after cutting carbs, my weight crept up to 222lbs ( I'm 5' 10 ") I had heard of KETO as it has been around a while. Fasting too has been gaining traction lately but I always considered fasting as starving and not good for you. I watched Dr. Berg's video which explains the basics of KETO and IF and it made sense to me. I don't often want breakfast, I always found it easier to miss a meal than to have a small meal so I thought I would give it a go. The effect was astounding, I realize my weight loss is unusual but I guess my body was a good fit for this way of eating. I did get a bit hungry from time to time but it was manageable, apart from the weight loss I slept better, my mind was very sharp, my skin looked better and I saved a ton of cash on my food bills. If I had questions Dr. Berg had posted many videos and I could find what I needed. Within 5 weeks I was 185 lbs a 37lb loss, people not only said I had lost weight they were saying how well I looked and how to trim and toned. I have had a few days when I haven't got my food right and eaten out of my window but I just get back on it the next day. I have tried many diets and eating plans, they all work a little but for a few weeks only. I hope to eat like this from now on. Thank you Dr. Berg you have changed my life. I still watch Dr. Berg's videos and keep myself updated and will continue to do so.

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