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By: Susan Hitchcock

Wish I could claim success but it hasn't happened yet. I've been following you for a year and on Keto now since January 2018, which is now 8 months. I am only down 7 pounds! My weight goes down 2 lbs and then back up two lbs, down a pound and then up again. I am 5 ft 6 and weigh 202. My highest weight and starting point was 209 all last year. I believe I am staying below 15 carbs a day. I do IMF and eat twice each day in afternoon and evening. I eat 7 cups salad, mod protein like bacon or beef burger or chicken. I must be Fat Storing Hormone resistant as you say since I have dieted y whole life. I used to be able to drop 10 lbs. fast but not anymore. I used to be a sugar a holic. Not anymore. I am 67 years old and strive daily to drop more weight. I have given up all sugar forms, nuts, peanut butter, soda ( I only drink water) carbs, and basically only eat the old atkins diet except I now reduce the amt o protein like you said to. Atkins always worked for me in the past so doing Keto is easy to do's not working. I am stuck. My body is holding on to the weight. My clothes only feel a tiny bit looser. I do not exercise except for walking as am not able to workout. Any help you could give me would be so great. I am stumped!!

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