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By: Sharif Yahia

When hit my age of 40 (2 years ago) i realised I didn’t age well, looked way older than many people on my same age. I started my job when i was 21, and neglected anything related to my health, left myself stressed 24 hours, eating any junk as a stress relief, sleeping 4- 5 hours with no rest. I didn’t suffer from any disease but i felt the crisis is near. I realised nothing will compensate the loss of my health, not the job, not the money, not the relations are worth it. I started to 2 years ago a regular diet, but not much focused on health, and managed to lose weight from 120 KG to reach 95 KG and plateaued. I reached your YouTube channel last October, and i found my treasure in the information you provide to us on daily. Currently my weight is 82 KG and the kilos are flying away like birds, all because of the intermittent fasting and the ketogenic. Started my Gym 2 month back and i’m healthier than my 20’s Appreciate your efforts Dr.Berg, you’re humanity savior from the food claimed poisons.

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