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By: Warren

Went from a 46 waist to a 38 and still falling. Did not take a before photo wasn't in the right state of mind and did not think it would be successful at the time. I do however have my before pants lol. Everything has improved with your advice. I am doing KETO with IF for about 18 to 20 hours daily. I will soon try a 24 hour fast maybe a few times a month. I feel so amazing at 63 and all my pre diabetes symptoms are long gone. I do not go to the doctor anymore or do I trust him. I got nothing but all the wrong advise and a prior prescription I took made me feel horrible. Haven't seen the so called doctor in over a year now and I don't want to anymore. If I ever need a doctor in the future it will not be him. Love you Doctor Berg and trust your advice. I also have purchased some of your products, wheat grass, Gallbladder Formula, and Electrolyte Powder all excellent! Don,t really want to do a skype thing but you are welcome to use any testimony and photo if you wish.

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