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By: Arur Gulinski

Weight loss was side effect for me, far more important than that was anxiety disorder. There was a time like a half year ago when I couldn't go out of the house for a walk because of anxiety I would get and feeling that I will die. I had this in my life for more then 8 years... It was a long time to live with my thoughts believe me. Never had any drugs for anxiety never believed that medicine can help always knew it can only prevent by chemical brain body reaction. Making 8 years story short. I was studying by my own nutrition for about a year and a half believing that it's an only way of making me good again when I came across keto diet. I keept digging and found Dr. Berg site and YouTube channel. It's hard to watch all the videos (Man you have loads of them there) but I did it and analyze the newer ones. I also bought refreshed version of a book - 4 body types. In meantime I passed my diploma as a nutritional therapist to gain more knowledge about all micro and macro elements plus vitamins. With all the knowledge I started my Healthy Keto journey. First two weeks where hard but I managed them and started to feel some changes during second week. Energy boost after second week was so encouraging and enjoying that I didn't need any other motivation at all. If you jut could saw my wife's face when I was walking with our baby girl on hands in the middle of our town. Had some ups and down since then but it's a 5th month now when I gad just one panic attack and I know I had lack of B vitamins so my mistake there. Now half om my familie are on the phone with me and I'm like Dr Berg polish speaking advisor here in UK. Giving advice to familie members and friends who have been with me during change and where impressed. In future I wish to be a certified Dr Bergs keto advisor but I would need to be able to buy course. For now little baby and famiele expenses while coming back to life are more important than buying course :) keep doing a great job Eric keep helping people it was biggest pleasure to spend hundreds of hours with you and YouTube and mu notes!

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