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By: ron

weight loss and new mental clarity. fat, Down nearly 9 pounds in a week (7 days ) from eating between 11am and again 7pm. I eat about 1,000 calories per meal, I do my best to keep it 70% fat, 20% protein , 10% carbs. I have been exercising 4 times a week for a while mostly weights very little cardio. Since Jan 28th I am down 24 pounds total my goal is to drop another 58 pounds. I am 52 , 5"7 and currently weight 242 but I wear it really well for being 38% body fat so some people have a hard time believing I am nearly 250. Goal is 180 ,,,,,, Also, I started taking Wheat Grass Juice this week on top of the 2 big meals a day.

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