Luc Limoges Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: Luc Limoges

Was listening a Dr Berg's video, where at some point he mentionned that Vitamin B1 would help to get rid of digestive issues related to the vagus nerve and/or heart palpitations (sorrry, can't remember exactly which video nor the content.) Anyhow, I have A-fib and A-fluttter and at that time had serious palpitations related to food digestion. Since Dr Berg's explanation was making pure sense, i went to the store immedialty, got some b1 vitamins and it had an immediate benefit, basically taking away my food related palpitations (or vagus nerve issues, whichever it is) right away, after the first dose! . I am now taking 100mg of with B1 every meal and it works ever since! I am looking forward to many more life changing advices from Dr. Eric Berg.

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