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By: Melissa McDaniel

Unfortunately I don’t have a successful story. I’m so frustrated trying to fix my horrible indigestion. I have followed you for a year trying to fix all my issues. I’ve tried to do an apple cider vinegar with not much success. I think my problem is I’m not doing it consistently or taking enough of the Apple cider vinegar. I am now doing the Apple cider vinegar pill twice before breakfast which I’m not eating breakfast but at that time and then two at lunch. But because I’m not doing it consistent enough I’m having horrible issues with indigestion so bad that I have sore throat at night and so forth. I am having progressive weight gain even though I’m following your keto program. In the morning when I wake up though I already start to bloat because my stomachs so screwed up. As of right now I’m only eating one meal a day it’s kind of a 4 day goulash meal prep of 24 oz kale, 4 green peppers ground sausage are all minimally cooked with the exception Of the sausage. I also add sea salt and bone broth. Please help!

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