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By: Tynisha

Tynisha has lost over 100 pounds on the ketogenic diet! But she’ll be the first to tell you, that milestones didn’t come easy with her keto before and after success.

After graduating with her bachelor’s degree in psychology in 2014, she was left feeling very unhappy and unhealthy. Her passion is healthcare, with aspirations to one day become a holistic physician. However, when she looked at herself in the mirror, she did not see that passion for health being manifested in her own life. She wondered: how could she ever help others, if she couldn’t even help herself?

In 2016, Tynisha found the keto diet…or so she thought. Although she was losing weight, there were fundamentals on the diet that she was lacking which led to her falling off the wagon.

“I would start keto, stop, start, stop, until I nearly gained all of my weight back. One day while surfing the net, I stumbled upon Dr. Berg, and he gave me what I had been missing the entire time--the Healthy Ketoä plan.”

That day after researching the ketogenic lifestyle, Tynisha found Dr. Berg’s channel on YouTube. She started to understand what she was doing right and what she was doing wrong. She realized she was doing dirty keto instead of the Healthy Keto diet that Dr Berg talks about. So she started keto again, the healthy way this time, and also incorporated daily intermittent fasting. Now Tynisha is the smallest she has ever been in her adult life!

“I am experiencing my greatest weight loss and well on my way to better health! I am so appreciative of the empowerment he has given me, and I only pray that I too can empower others.”

How did your support system help in this journey?

In the beginning, it was just me! I was my own support system. At first my family did not understand, and did not know how to support me. I did everything for myself. I did all the shopping, all the cooking, all the research. Now, my family has a much better understanding of my lifestyle, and so do I. It makes me extremely happy when I see them looking at nutritional facts for me, or asking “can you have this”? They know my go-to meals and my eating schedule. They no longer offer me things that they know I can’t have. They are extremely supportive of my lifestyle now and very proud of me! 

How do you feel now compared to before?

I feel AMAZING!!! I feel more fit, energetic, happy, youthful, beautiful, healthy, and successful. Before I felt depressed, unhealthy, lazy, and unattractive.

What were the major lessons you learned from Dr. Berg?

I finally learned what Healthy Keto is and what dirty/lazy keto is. In the beginning I honestly thought I was following a healthy ketogenic diet, but I was not. I started back on my weight journey doing Healthy Keto with intermittent fasting as Dr. Berg suggested and I am having my greatest results. I am still working, but gosh I am so happy!

Do you use any Dr. Berg products? If so, which ones and how have they contributed to your weight loss?

I recently started using the Veggie Solution. I learned from Dr. Berg that we should be intaking 7 to 10 cups of veggies a day. I was only taking in about 2 to 3 cups daily. I desire optimal health, and I believe that incorporating this product into my diet will support that goal. I also use Electrolyte Powder Sport to fuel me through my workouts, and the Wheatgrass Juice Powder during my fasting for additional nutrients.

What was the hardest part about losing weight?

Staying committed and motivated! When you are not surrounded by people with the same goals, it becomes extremely challenging to remain focused. You have to have a lot of willpower and self-discipline. I did not always have this, but I assure you it comes with time.

What is the best part?

My health! I feel healthy, strong, and fit! I love the energy I have and my happiness!

What would you have done differently if you could do it all over again?

Find Dr. Berg sooner! He taught me so much, and that knowledge he shared empowered me to change my life. Through his teachings, I am living my best life.

What encouraged you to not give up?

My health, and the way my body was changing. I could feel myself becoming healthier, and I could see myself looking healthier.

What would you like to say to someone reading your success story?

You are stronger than you think! Nothing is impossible for you. On the road to success there will always be failure, just make sure you overtake it. I don’t care if you fall down 99 times, just make sure you get up.

How much weight have you lost since starting keto?

Over 100 pounds 

What is your favorite way to exercise?

Strength training with cardio.

What is your favorite keto recipe?

Healthy jambalaya over cauliflower rice 

You can follow Tynisha’s Healthy Keto journey on Instagram @Ketolicious _Ty

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