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By: Alfred

Two mnths ago I did my blood works to my surprise my A1c becomes high 6.7 my doctor said im diabetic. I told my doctor I am not ready to take medication and ask 3 mnths to do what ever it takes to correct it. I was in my journey in search for the best method and I stumble to your channel . I really have no idea about diabetis, but because of the tone of your voice it makes me listen , im like a little kid listening attentively to a preacher. Hehehe You open my eyes to things I never new existed , you educate me on things I could have heard from my physician. Now im hook up to your channel, I applied your intermittent fasting with a twist I eat light breakfast of 2 eggs a tea with turmeric , ginger and cinnamon and it makes me last the whole day I drink veggie juice and fruit mix like melon and eat my full meal at dinner. I never felt better cutting all the rice, sugar, coke in my diet. When I started I weight 188 lbs. Now iam 178 lbs to be exact. I have alot to learn from you hope you wont stop sharing us all your knowledge for free. I write because I wanna thank you and now I am sharing it with my mother who is also a diabetic all the knowledge I have learned from you. Thank you and god bless....

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