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By: Ian Collins

This story is mainly to do with statins. I am 68 yo, TTD, (diagnosed 6 years), have high BP and had a kidney removed, (tumor), in 2014.. On Good Friday 2017, I had a mild stroke- (didn't lose consciousness) and I was prescribed Atorvastatin. Second day in hospital, during assessment, a doctor asked me, among other things, if I was having difficulty swallowing. I said no, because I had not noticed any particular difficulty. Some time later, (maybe weeks or so), I began to have trouble swallowing. If I didn't concentrate when swallowing liquids or crumbly solids, I would choke, often to the point of gagging. This was happening 2 or 3 times a day. In November 2018, in an effort to lose weight and better control my blood glucose, I began researching (Keto) diet and discovered information on the side effects of statins. From a list of potential side effects listed on one video that I watched, I realised that I had half of the listed side effects, to some degree.. I stopped taking statins on 1 Dec 2018 and about one week later I realised that I had not had a choking fit for a day or two. I HAVE NOT HAD ANY EVENT OF CHOKING FOR TWO MONTHS SINCE I STOPPED TAKING STATINS!!! I don't know if statins prolong life for some people but in my case I think that I was facing an early grave from choking to death!! By the way, I am living on my own, in the country, so help is not close by! In relation to following the Keto diet, I have not been totally 'strict' with it but have still lost weight, (96 kg to 90 kg- I am 183 cm tall), my blood glucose readings are better and my high blood pressure is improving. Thank you Dr Berg for making my life better.

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