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By: Ssantosh

This is not my success story but of an aunt of mine. When she went to the hospital for a totally unrelated issue, she was found to have very high cholesterol and was prescribed many medications. Before she left the hospital, she knew she wasn’t going to consume any of it. She consulted a local Ayurvedic doctor who prescribed her a very simple solution. She was to consume 2 tsps of virgin coconut oil on empty stomach in the morning and then over the course of the day she had to consume a special water which was made by boiling water with broken pieces of coconut shell in it. About 15 days later she got herself tested and the cholesterol levels had dropped considerably and was just a couple or so points over the upper range. She continued her treatment and by the end of the month her levels were well within normal. Thereafter she continued to consume only 1 tsp of coconut oil in the mornings and did not consume the special water.

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