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By: Patricia Harrington

This is more of a serous question then a success story and I can’t find any answers for my problem. In the whole of myself. I have no thyroid December 29,2015, I also have multiple sclerosis, had a hysterectomy after the birth of my daughter 2002, I had two spinal cord surgeries. Last one was April 22,2013. (Spinal fusion) now here’s the problem I have, the other day I was tested for my blood sugar as I asked for it to be tested, read 60..., the nurse took some blood and gave me some orange juice as I already had been drinking Pepsi. She returned to retake it and it was still 60. I explain to the nurse and the Dr., that I drink over 14 some times up to 24 Pepsi a day. I sweat as if I just came out of the shower!!! When I do light house work I sweat so much it comes out so badly my hair is dripping wet!!! I kid you not!!!!! I explained this to the Dr., as the Dr said here drink my soda drink, I said I have three here in my bag and I’m drinking one now, no thank you. He became frantic as I started to become scared. Now I asked if this could be an estrogen problem? I was given no answer!!! He mentioned I have an auto immune disease because I do not have a thyroid and that could be why I am at a score of 60. Do you have any answers for me to get myself together? “BETTER” I’m really scared because of how much I sweat and all the Pepsi I drink and not having a really good intake of food!!!!!! I suffer from ptsd, my ex Committed suicide in the yard last year as he done more things to me prior to doing what he done to himself..... please help me I have a daughter and a grandson I have to stay alive!!!!!!! What foods would be great for me to get my life back!!!! I’m desperate and my drs are not helping me with any answers except eat more sugar ..., I drink up to 24 Pepsi in a day at best. 24 Pepsi last me two days depending on how I feel...... please, please I pray you can help me Dr. Berg!!!! Please help me!!! Ohhh I just started to gain weight as I don’t eat hardly anything but drink Pepsi. Non of this makes since to me..., because after my thyroid was taken out I couldn’t gain weight even while drinking all that Pepsi! I take a pill called Megace 40 mg one table twice a day to help me eat. I take provigil 100 mg once a day in the morning to keep me going. The Megace doesn’t really work so I dropped down to one a day. Now my stomach is bloated and my weight went up to 146 when I was 118 pounds. I really don’t eat. I don’t have an appetite. My Endocrinologist said I didn’t have Hashimoto’s as I feel I do have it! I had all the blood drawn that would indeed say I had Hashimoto’s . My endocrinologist got very mad at me because I went behind his back and had all blood work done to say I had it and low and behold all my blood work came up missing as I said it’s in cyberspace!! He laughed!!!, I left not to return!! . I have all my blood work done through my primary care now and my neurologist. I’m in need of some real help!!!! please, please help me!!!!! Please!!!!! Sincerely, Patricia Harrington I’m 5’7” . My age is 47. I’m a female. [email protected] 734-301-7327

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