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Weight loss journey - Ruth Garcia

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By: Ruth Garcia

This is a long story but hopefully it will be a good read. As a kid I was raised vegetarian. We didn’t go out to eat a lot and food was mainly from our garden. Sugar was only allowed on special occasions. Growing up I was healthy other than some stomach discomfort that was probably from the high wheat consumption. At 18 I couldn’t wait to get on the standard American diet, but with that diet came weight gain and depression. I was able to manage it with running, but over the years it became harder and harder with joint pain and body pain. 

In my 30s I had my son and from a health standpoint, it was all downhill from there. I developed gallstones, diabetes, fibromyalgia, with continuing lethargy and depression. I was searching the Internet for a natural solution to my gallstones when I came across Dr. Berg‘s YouTube channel. Prior to this I had tried the Atkins diet and the McDougal’s diet. In both diets I effectively lost weight, but didn’t feel healthy on either of them. (Just a warning if you go without fat for three months, your bile will back up, and you better be next to a bathroom the first time you eat fat. Not pleasant.) 

After listening to a few of Dr. Berg‘s videos it made sense that all the problems I was having were diet related and that not feeling good was my bodies way of telling me it needed HELP. So I eliminated all processed foods and kept it simple: salad, veggies, meat and healthy fats and I would eat them in that order. 

Acidifying my stomach, using the Gallbladder Formula and taking tons of the Nutritional Yeast is the only thing that saved me from quitting those first three months. Now it has been over a year and I will never go back. I am one meal a day, I ride my bike three times a week and do yoga three times a week and I am constantly looking for other fun things to do. Slowly I’ve added all of Dr Berg’s products into my regimen, and every day I wake up thinking I can’t feel better, but I do. 

Thank you Dr Berg. Some of you will want to know weight and size and I will gladly tell you, but let me encourage you to not make this journey about that. It should be about your HEALTH. Health is the one thing you can’t bargain for or buy and once it is gone it takes a long time to come back. I am still working on Fat Storing Hormone resistance, cracked nails, a tickle in my throat, left shoulder pain, sleep issues, hot feet at night, thyroid and adrenal issues. The difference now is that I know with time, these symptoms will also disappear, because now I am listening to my body and Dr Berg’s wonderful videos. 

Started August 2017 at 230lbs and size 16. September 2018 145lbs and size 8. 

Dr. Berg please make videos on how to nutritionally support children with Autism and Asperger. I’ve started giving my son B1, but he also has lots of issues with “brain swirl” and sensory overload. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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