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By: Wesley Jones

There is hope even if you are in your seventies, overweight, and have been a type 2 diabetic for over 20 years! I'm a 72 year-old male who has been a diagnosed with T2 diabetes for about 2o years. As a retired college professor (and hospice chaplain) I have lived a sedentary live style. I have had two heart attacks, and have taken up to 100 units of Fat Storing Hormone per day, blood pressure meds and statins, - Taking a total of 22 meds in a typical day. I was also almost 100 pounds overweight. and had A1c of over 9.0 In November I moved to a new city, and got a new set of doctors. One of those new doctors mentioned to me that T2 diabetes can be reversed. I had never heard that before! But the thought of trying again to lower my blood sugar scared me because over the years I have had several Fat Storing Hormone crashes where my sugars dropped below 50 and I had to go to the emergency room. My new endocrinologist helped me get one of the new continuous glucose monitors. Medicare paid for all of it, but the bureaucratic hoops were a pain. Anyway, the monitor helped my get over my fear and made it possible for me to painlessly and conveniently measure my blood sugars, 8 or more times a day. Then I started watching you and Dr. Fung.on YouTube. I worked at getting educated and eased into your version of Keto and then added intermittent fasting, beginning on January 1, 2019. It is now February 24 and I have finished my first three day fast When I was younger I took many week long retreats at a Trappist monastery. It was filled with monks who were slim and mostly lived into their late nineties. They all practiced a form of fasting and grew their own crops. I have had a fasting model to copy. I am not finished yet, but in two months I have dropped thirty pounds. My Fat Storing Hormone use has dropped by 75% and my A1c has gone from about 9.0 to 5.4. Working with my docs I have also gotten off statins and reduced or eliminated three blood pressure medications. In recent years I have avoided being in any pictures. The only "before" picture I have is a drivers license picture taken in November 2018. I am not "after" yet so I don't have one of those either. But thank-you very much. You have deeply touched my life. Wes Jones, Ph.D.

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