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The Tools To Live Again

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By: Lars Szabo

"Is this it? Am I going to die here? That's what went through my head while I was laying in the hospital emergency room 6 months ago. Years of overworking, overtraining, partying, and junk food had finally caught up with me. I was fat, sick, and burnt out. I felt like a beached blue whale that had been carved up with a chainsaw. Somehow I survived, and when I got out of hospital I went to see a local doctor. After two months of following her advice, my health was getting worse. Then I came across Dr. Eric Berg on YOUTUBE. I've only been using Dr. Berg's methods for 4 months but already I've got more energy, my blood pressure is normal, cholesterol is way down, I can sleep better, and the fat on my waist is almost gone after years of failing to get rid of it. But the best part is; Pretty women are asking me out on dates - and that hasn't happened to me in a long time. I've still got a lot of work ahead to achieve my ultimate health goals, but with Dr. Berg's methods in my toolkit I'm dam certain I'll get there." - Lars Szabo, age 46 Hawkes Bay New Zealand.

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