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By: Keith Marlin

The mental clarity I get from keto and IF has helped me develop the confidence to come off 517 mg of antipsychotic medication I was taking for schizoaffective depressive mood disorder. I had hit a max weight of 220 after a hospitalization period. Weight is a factor in my mood but being in control of my life mentally and emotionally is number one and I find it is much much easier than when I was eating differently. After hearing that keto could help me with Fat Storing Hormone resistance developed from my meds I gave it a try in December of 2017. I have since lost 55 pounds roughly and am the happiest and most myself I've been in about 6 years, when I was working out the most. Now it's natural and easy, I just do what comes naturally and can trust myself. Where before I was panicked and confused. But part of that is simply the nature of growing up and having new experiences. Your channel I've only just discovered in the past months and it has given me more knowledge to use to defend the arguments I hear from friends and family that what I was experimenting with was wrong for me. Fasting and keto have saved my life and pulled me out of the depths, thank you for being a lighthouse to those of us in today's rough waters.

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