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By: Nicholas

Thanksgiving 2016 I weighed 564 lbs thanks to the hogge twins and their advice on I.F I started my weight loss journey and it worked for me as crazy as to think I have never lost this much weight doing anything else although I'm still on this journey and I had my up's and downs I have managed to keep going forward I am at todate 5/23/2017 493 lbs a total of 71 lbs now I could have lost a lot. More if it wasn't for the up and downs I love food all kinds of food and I like it when I'm happy, sad , or board so it has been awesome I would do good all weekdays lol and weekends I would blow it but at the same time I would Break even or only lose 1 pound total for the week so even though I would mess up I would not gain any new weight as long as I did good on the weekdays I'm not saying you should do this but don't let it stop you from your goal get back up and try again and one day you will reach that goal. I just st watch you video and found it helpful about the diet soda and drinking too much coffee I did not know that it would affect me but also what I do is coffee in the morning I drink sparkling water and water then I eat one apple for lunch around 12:30 to 1:00 then I eat dinner around 5:30 to 6:30 and I try to keep my cal intake around 1500 and I seem to feel good and do okay if I feel really hungry I'll just fast for 16 hours that's min if I can do longer then I will I have no health problems I am blessed for that that sums it up. I know it doesn't look like I have lost much but I can feel the difference

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