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By: Norma

Thank you for your Help Dr Berg.I have made changes in my health.Recied. My Adrenal kit.went on my ketosis diet ..eating better .I started in march gone from 169 to 140 and I am happy and proud of my weight lost.and down to a 9... 10..but feeling better. In my skin...this is my new way of life eating Lots of Vegetables and big Salad s daily . And my protein. And have no more... Cravings for sweets or carbs.. I was having a bit of a kidney problems. But Thanks to Dr Berg with all his Videos I understand my body Better .I believe in him and all his knowledge. I have always believed in natural medicine and food. So Thank you Dr Berg and his staff ..Pan .that I have talked to and helped a few times. All great.I love my new way of Life.????????

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