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Thank you, Dr. Berg


I have had Hashimoto's thyroid disease for about twenty years now. Unfortunately, my thyroid gland is completely destroyed, so I relied only on L-thyroxine, or Novothyral combination preparation. Which also contains T3, things to which I probably worked my way up to type 2 diabetes, which I was diagnosed in March 2021. I immediately received Metformin, but I refuse to take it. While searching for another, healthier alternative, I came across the YouTube channel of Dr. Berg. I do not know words in English (I am a Czech living in Germany), but I understand his style of interpretation and I understand all the principles. I started according to Dr. Berg to adjust the diet and now I am, thanks to him I'm now perfectly fine. My glucose levels are like a healthy person and the lifestyle of keto does not give me the slightest problem. On the contrary, I feel great. My thyroid will probably never be healthy again, but sugar is complete normal. Thank you very much, Dr. Berg. His work is very beneficial, and I admire him very much, he practically saved me. This writing is translated by Google, please excuse my grammar. Katerina

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4727 keto success stories so far. Add yours and inspire others!

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