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By: Karen Bell

SUCCESS STORY Thank you, Dr. Berg, for introducing me to the truth on how to operate my body’s fuel intake for the best results. I’ve been dieting since I was 16 (initially just from high school peer pressure to have a 16” waist). I’ve been in show business my whole adult life, and there’s plenty of peer pressure there too. I’m 74 now, and that means I’ve been dieting and worrying about food for 58 years. I’m planning on being healthy right up to 120, and it will be diet-free, thanks to you. I never believed I could find a way of eating that would eliminate my cravings for salty carbs, popcorn, breads and sugary treats, but after about 6 weeks on your healthy keto guidelines, my cravings have completely disappeared! My goal (I keep my written goals for inspiration) has been this: “It is my habit to effortlessly choose food that is simultaneously nourishing and delicious, in quantities and at times desirable for optimum health, fitness, and pleasure.” Now when I read that, it’s not just a mantra, it’s actually true! I can’t say how much weight I’ve lost, because I threw away my scale, so that the demonic machine doesn’t get to tell me how I should feel about myself every morning. However, my mirror has seen improvements every single day, and I think I have lost 30-35 pounds in four months. I keep having to buy new pants. When I like how I look, and all my health indicators are at the top, I’ll get weighed and find out the total. It’ll probably be 80-90 pounds. With your healthy keto, the arthritis in my hands is 100% gone, and the osteoarthritis in my bone-on-bone knees is 70% improved. I’ve heard you say that we can be pain-free even with bone-on-bone, so I’m headed toward 30% more improvement, and then I don’t have to pay for expensive stem cell treatments! I sleep great now, my digestion is great, so my goals are to handle the inflammation and pain from the knees and scoliosis. Can you imagine how wonderful it is to have zero arthritis in my hands?! I love the way you teach, and I especially appreciate the daily videos. I’ve read the book 4 times and turn to it often. I’ve done your mini course and also most of the private course. I’m hoping to become a Berg Coach in the coming year. I truly love your commitment to help us not be sabotaged by big medical terms. Thank you for all you do for us! Love, Karen Nelson Bell [email protected] 702-427-2300 Clearwater, Florida (Flag) Privately: I’m OT8, Gold Meritorious, and FSM for the Ship and Flag. I dream of having a convention where you are the keynote speaker on the Freewinds… I can get hundreds of people to the ship for that! A convention for people whose bodies are too big! Hahaha! There’s so much LRH on the subject too, and when I addressed havingness, False Purposes, Ser Facs, GE data, and can’t have/must have, I found YOU right after that. What a dream convention for Scns with failed purposes and hidden standards (“If I’m Clear, I’ll get thin”). Now we have YOU to deliver us the action right tech. I’m doing KBW (Keeping Berg Working). I already spoke to Criceida, the Dir of Clearing, regarding my idea, and she’s thinking with it! P.S. I hope you’ll do a video on healthy 72-hour fasting, because on your stem cell video, you referenced that it was helpful in reducing inflammation. If I can get pain free in my knees after 14 years of trying everything (and YOUR way has improved it better than anything), I’m going to be a force to reckon with!

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