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Jason Magat Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Jason Magat

Success A: since I joined anytimefitness I began to follow several bodybuilding programs, some lasting up to 16 weeks. My starting weight was 220lbs by the end of 6months following a good program and doing Keto I have lost a a total of 50 lbs since then. My current weight is between 156-159lbs and around 15-14%bf. Q: What are your health and fitness goals? A: my fitness goal is to lean down to 10%bf and my long term goal is to maintain a lean physique. Q: What keeps you motivated? A: before & after transformation photos. Q Tell us a little about yourself? A: my name is Jason, I have 2kids. I enjoy anything with challenge involving fitness and bodybuilding also like to rollerblade for cardio. Testimony: Jason Magat Before: 220lbs January 2017 After: 156lbs-160lbs November 2017 "I feel great inside & out" Growing up I always enjoyed wheeled sports bmx, skateboarding, Rollerblading and I also had a competitive edge to my personality. As I got older I put aside my passion for all of my sports for a short while. I met someone and had two wonderful kids with her. Having a job and responsibilities, convenience was always on my mind so that meant fast food fast life always on the go no time to waste. Well that caught up to me real fast. I realized I balloon up to a size: 40 in waist pants, my gut was huge and I felt like I lost a lot of me as I was also depressed looking at me self in the mirror. A lot came with such a convenient lifestyle, with the weight gain at my biggest I was at 235lbs at 5'6 considered obese by my doctor. He then also had to prescribe me with high blood pressure medication at the age of 32. I didn't like where I was going. I couldn't even enjoy fast food anymore because it made me sick. After the divorce I decided to make a change for good and to use my body as a science experiment that meant testing out different diets and bodybuilding programs. I always admire the aesthetic physic and was determined to get there. So I started in January when I every friend, family member, customer basically didn't believe in me and said I was setting myself up for failure. Time to prove them wrong. I worked my butt off every day, I put in my 8 hours at work and then I would go to the gym for an 1hour and sometimes 3hours of non stop workouts. While I was going to the gym I was also researching everything from nutrition to workouts & also fasting. I was very motivated, sure there were days I didn't feel like going to the gym but I still went, it started to become a habit, and habits/hard work are what get you results at the gym. 6months rolls by and I lost a total of 50 pounds. Proud but never satisfied. Currently as of today I have lost a total of 64lbs. And off of my blood pressure medication, no longer borderline diabetic, no longer obese. I will continue my fit physique journey to help others. And of course I thank god.

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