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By: Joey Pengson

Started Keto and IF last April. I am currently at 182 pounds (College weight), 6 feet and have lost 18-20 pounds of fat to this day. I started at 2 meals a day with a 16-hour fasting window to 1 meal a day starting last month with a 20-hour fasting window. I now lift 50% heavier weights, last longer at the basketball court, eliminate left knee pain from a highschool ACL injury, recover much faster from exercise, recover much faster from occassional social drinking (Scotch), see better, have a clearer mind and spiritually more in tune with Life. My daily fair: 7-10 cups of veggies: Kale Cabbage Spinach Moringa Leaves Bitter Gourd Leaves Bok Choy Asparagus Brocolli Red and Green bell peppers Carrots Celery Olives Some string beans, alugbati leves, squash 2 organic eggs (Omega 3) 1 day-old duck egg (balut) Nutrional Yeast Organic coffee Organic Cocoa Coconut sugar Coconut Milk Lemon water ACV VCO Occassionally: Cold pressed veggie juices (Iron Kale, Alka Boost, Green Supreme) Dark Chocolate Ice Cream with Xilitol, Coconut Oil Dark Chocolate 70-90% Cocoa, Coco sugar and Coconut oil I am 62 years old. Thank you Eric and Karen for everything, more ?? to you ?????

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