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Started Keto 3 weeks ago at 148 lb. In one week cutting out car and sugar I lost 3 lb. A friend introduced me to Ketosis MAXX morning drinks. I drink 1/2 a packet because it’s quite sweet. Breakfast 2 eggs with spinach and feta cheese. Snack: avacado with almonds Lunch: Toss salad with a TB of cheese, beans, corn. Snack: cheese stick, nuts or pig skin chips Dinner: 6-7pm some protein with broccoli or cauliflower TB mayonaise. 2 dove dark chocolates I’ve been have problems with joint pain for the past 2 years. I’m done with surgeries and cortisone shots for wear and tear that Arthritis now setting in. . I’m 57 yrs old., very active in hiking and hula dancing. I stand only 5 ‘ feet tall. I see a remarkable difference with inflammation reduction. Amazed. But my current weight is now 142.6 I would love to get down 10 more lbs. Aloha, Myra Lodge

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