Started Feb 2018, down 35lbs and 37 inches.

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By: Wara T.

"What a difference a few months makes... Started Feb 2018, down 35lbs and 37 inches. Not working out much more than walking my dogs. Outside of taking magnesium every night (game changer for muscle cramps by the way!) no supplements or food tracking now. I did for about the first month to get a good idea of portions etc but stopped when was able to get into the groove. I stay under 20g of carbs daily for sure. My biggest downfall is alcohol, but I've recently found some canned spritzers that are 0 carb 0 sugar so hoping this will be the start of a beautiful new relationship. I feel better than I ever have, and I've been able to regulate my hormones enough to go off my Synthroid with my Dr's blessing. Happy Monday!"

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