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By: John Yarcho

Started diet 7/14/18. After 2 days, my joint pains were gone. As of last Tuesday (weigh in day at work) I've lost 25 lbs. 271-246. I'm 59 yrs old 6'1" tall. Heavy beer drinker. Drank vodka &soda for the first 2 weeks then stopped because I don't do well on that, plus it seemed to trigger my cravings for carbs. As long as I don't eat carbs, I don't crave them. Had a few glasses of wine as my only cheats in the last two weeks. Very fired up about hitting my goal weight of 220 by 10/15. Feel awesome. Can't say how much is the diet and how much is just abstaining from alcohol. Also discovered a possible alergy to cheese. After eating some pepper jack cheese I came down with a familiar dry hacking cough that I've struggled with over the years and thought was caused by my blood pressure meds. Stopped eating the cheese and Haven't had the cough since (2 wks). Stopped my bp med yesterday and today my bp was 144 over 88 .fyi 10mg of amlodipine

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