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By: Frank Gahl

Started at 116 kilos on 8/1/18. Doing 1 meal a day intermittent fasting I am now at 109 kilos. Goal 1: 100 kilos, Goal 2: 90 kilos 6' 0" Male 60 years old. During day. I drink 4 to 7 cups of warm water with ACV. Typical Meal at 6 or 7 pm: 1 steamed Zucchini, 1 steamed squash (long type), two small red potato. 1/2 cup Mushrooms. then either some cauliflower or broccoli flowers. Steamed for 15 minutes. Place in bowl. Real melted butter and chopped garlic poured over it. Occasionally (twice a week): 4 slices of bacon that I may cook while veggies are steaming. Desert: Either 1 avocado or 1/4 round of Brie Cheese, Note: while veggies are cooking I drink 12 oz of Wheat Grass Juice pulp And 8 oz of Nutritional yeast. Then eat. Very happy with the results - happy to hear on any improvements. You are the first person to talk about fatty liver in relation to belly fat. So first Heal the body to take off the fat. Not take off the fat to heal the body. Has been HUGE understanding for me. Have also been thinking about doing 48 hour or 72 hour intermittent fasting but saw today you put out some caution about this. THANK YOU Dr. Berg. Frank Gahl [email protected]

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