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By: Virginie g Ervin

Sorry I Try to Contact Dr Berg It Truly Important I met Dr Berg I believe In 2016 In his Office In Alexandria & At That Time I didnt know what happen to my health , Now I m ready Soon to go on TV to Tell my Story .... I have high Cortisol In 2009 & Cause my look Change drastically my french Dr Trust I had Cushing disease .... Then Years gone Away & I never had The Chance to figure out what happen to me ? But The last 3 years It got So much worse :( I gain 60 mpre pounds In 4 months , my eyes look exhausted , I have A major muscle loss , I Sleep 16 hours A day , now look like from hight Cortisol It go to low Cortisol & I develop fatty Liver , Coronary heart , & All Issue In my Emotions from Depression to Severe Anxiety & now Inflamation ..... I Trust Dr Berg The most & I Pray for Advices for what I need to do ? I want to Live , I m Truly Scare to not Survive Something I Can heal but dont know where to Start :( Cause I have It for 12 years now Please If you can reach me at > [email protected] < I understand you are busy but I hope I can hear from you Soon , Thank you for Everythings you do to help SO many ppl to fix They health ? You Are GOD Send ???????? blessings ?

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