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Six weeks I had lost 22 pounds

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By: Renee

Dear Dr. Berg, I'm sending these photos as a huge thank you for your dedication to educating all of us through your concise and easy-to-understand video series. As a service member, my weight and fitness are a matter of job security. Yet in spite of years of genuine effort at weight management, I had hit my max in February of this year. It was especially disconcerting because I truly felt I was bending over backward trying to stay healthy and fit! I've never even "let myself go." I meal prepped five small, "balanced" meals a day, I was doing extremely intense group fitness classes an hour a day four to five times a week, and yet the pounds kept packing on, and they weren't from getting stronger. I had put on 30 pounds over the course of five years, and each successive weigh-in was heavier than the last. My uniforms were no longer fitting properly. To add insult to injury, I was hungry and tired all the time. The only answer I could think of was to try and do more. When a friend of mine suggested that he had lost several inches around his waist from skipping breakfast, I was beyond skeptical, I was almost angry! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right?? So I turned to the internet with the explicit intention of proving him wrong somehow, and what I found was your YouTube channel. And you made it sound so easy, I figured why not prove my friend wrong by trying it myself? Coffee for breakfast, giant bucket of salad with fish and avocado around 2 pm, meat and vegetables and lots of fat for dinner. And lo and behold, the weight that I have literally been battling with for the last five years practically fell off my body it would seem, and in the course of only six weeks I had lost 22 pounds. Clearly, I was the one that was doing it wrong before! But knowing that my fat loss journey is surely not as dramatic as many of your clients, the real reason that I wanted to thank you is for giving me my time back through the lessons you've taught. I no longer spend my days meal prepping, eating, getting ready for my next meal, researching meal prep recipes, cleaning up mountains of meal prep containers, and then pounding my body at the gym. I now only do weight lifting and sprint intervals a couple times a week, and my meals are simplicity itself. I have freed up so much time, I hardly know what to do with myself! I've started learning Spanish just for fun, I'm reading about three books a week, and learning to play tennis. So although I turned to your YouTube channel for weight loss advice, what I wound up getting out of it is far more profound and life enhancing than just dropping a few pounds. I sincerely thank you for the work that you do. I recommend your channel to anyone who asks. You should have a motto: "bet you can't click just one!"

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