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I’ll lead by example and experience: Willpower Self-Determination Perseverance Thank You!

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By: Greg

On Sept 26, 2017, I fell to my knees and was desperate for a change in my life. I couldn’t function properly. I couldn’t work properly. I couldn’t love properly. I went to Dr after Dr, pill after pill, and was always depressed. No one seemed to be able to help. Then, after 13 months of trying to learn Keto, Dr. Berg changed everything. Today, Sept 17, 2020, is my “birthday”. I hit 175lbs from being somewhere around 300 lbs, on Sept. 17, 2019. It’s been a three-year journey, and I’ve kept the unhealthy living out of my life for a year and will continue to do so. Although I’m an infant in my new world, I can’t THANK DR BERG enough. My selfish act of finding myself has created a new prosperous life for me and my precious family. I never knew I could stand so tall! I never knew I could be such an amazing husband, father, and man. I now want to serve the world, much like you Dr. Berg. I’ve fallen on my face for the last time. So many fall as I did, and now, it’s my turn to help. One person at a time. Being a black man, I have now put myself on an island of great health, and my responses to this crazy world, have changed. I used to blame everyone else, for issues in my life. Today, I am the answer. So many can see and feel my transformation! This is the greatest gift I can give back to my family, friends, and all precious humans. I’m fearless now, and ready to do my part. I’m going to do my best to change the world alongside you, Dr. Berg. So many precious people are lost, and through willpower, self-determination, and perseverance I am now able to withstand the trials of everyday eating and living. I Know can help others in the same cycle. Healthy Keto helped me, but much like Dr. Berg when he was a young man, he ultimately had to face himself before he committed to (or knew of) any lifestyle. The weight loss tools are readily available for anyone to use these days, Through Dr. Berg’s informative, life-saving videos, I have paid close attention to detail and processes, and I’m finally a changed man. No more doctor scripts, no more hospital visits, no more weird scheduling for my 20-minute session, no more insurance battles, only my fantastic health, every day. My family has forever been changed. My ten-year-old daughter has health on her mind all the time, like her daddy! There was a time when I wasn’t sure I’d be around to see her grow, now, I know I’ll be around for a very long time, for both of my daughters. Seeing the world from a healthy perspective is a new Venture for me. I am finally in control, and the food is not as vital for every situation. I mean, we have to eat, but it’s no longer a necessity to eat when I don’t need to, Complete control, FINALLY! Of course, there is so much more to this success story that I’d like to share with you and the world. I know it would help so many beautiful people. My success is more than losing a lot of weight. It is saving a family. It is becoming the amazing Husband and the dedicated Father I was meant to be. It is 130lbs down, THANK YOU, Dr. Berg, for SAVING my life! Take Care, Azai - Hebrew for strength, This is what I call myself now. My birth name is Greg, but Greg has passed away on Sept 17, 2019. Some say it’s weird, but they haven’t lost 130lbs, and transformed into the richest man alive! I don’t know if our paths will ever cross Dr. Berg, but please know you have a General in the field. You have at least one strong Black man out here to advocate for healthy keto. I don’t see too many brothas in the keto army, I’ll lead by example and experience: Willpower Self-Determination Perseverance Thank You!

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