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Regaining youth at an age where everyone says I am still young

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I am here to add one more happy healthy person to the list of successful Keto I.F. practitioners!

My name is Marco, I am 33 and live in Germany. I discovered Keto after watching some documentaries on healthy eating, and then Youtube suggested Dr. Berg’s videos to me. I was suffering from depression, which affected my motivation and discipline in maintaining a healthy diet. I have been prescribed an anti-depressant which increased my appetite immensely, causing me to go from my ideal weight of 70kg (154 lbs) to 85kg (187 lbs). My diet then consisted of whatever my cravings demanded, from fast food to entire pizzas or cookies by the package.

After changing the medication, I included healthy Keto into the restructuring of my life and daily routines. Results were noticeable within three weeks: I felt no hunger or cravings, while my energy levels, sleep quality, and brain clarity increased. My sense of taste and appreciation for the flavors of healthy food was improved. I lost 15kg (33lbs) in 5 months while reducing my body fat percentage from almost 30% to 16%. I also gained muscle mass, and the fat lost was visibly coming from my belly storage.

I had medical accompaniment throughout the entire process, with blood and other exams verifying that my body was healthy and not suffering from any deficiency. Now, I am eating less but better. I fast between 16 and 22 hours on a daily basis and perform a ‘cleansing’ 48 hours fast about every 15 - 20 days. Exercising regularly became easy once the depression was subdued, and watching my physical performance improve was a great motivator.

The book is very easy to read, particularly after having watched the videos on YouTube. It feels like I am hearing Dr. Berg’s voice and I can follow the information on the page very easily. This is both motivating and also helps me retain a high amount of information. I would like to suggest presenting all measurements in weight and both in imperial and metric units to make future editions more approachable worldwide. (It is difficult to compare 1 cup of tomatoes with 1 cup of hummus in terms of sugar content. If the figures were, for example, “100g of this ingredient has ‘X’g of sugar”, it would be easier to compare. I would also appreciate a chapter with specific suggestions on healthy Keto for vegetarians/vegans. It is hard to find the appropriate proteins when most of what is suggested are meat. Finally, rewriting IF as I.F. would make reading easier.

I am convinced that a healthy Keto with intermittent fasting is the ideal way for humans to nourish themselves, not because of the hype, nor because of the results, I achieved. Instead, the scientific explanations presented, clearly show how and why our lifestyles in the modern world are sabotaging our chances to live longer and better. My advice for newcomers is to familiarize yourself with the material well, before starting anything. It felt overwhelming to start adjusting my eating habits while they were gaps in my knowledge. After that, make your healthy I.F. Keto fun! I like gathering ingredients that I know are healthy and playing around with the scales to achieve the perfect ratio of macro-nutrients for my meal. And if possible, find someone to share the experience with you. I did it with someone in person and another friend who lives far away, and so we only discussed the results virtually. In both cases the excitement and positive energy were palpable. Having them encourage and be encouraged by, made a huge difference.

I would like to thank Dr. Berg, his wife, and the entire team for providing me with all of the invaluable knowledge and resources through books, videos, and recipes.

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