By: Roslyn and gerardo

Our story is very short my husband has had high LDL cholesterol for almost 2 years now so he was RX with a station drug and he started feeling all the side effects that come with it! Last December we went for our yearly doctor's exam and my husband still shows that he still has high LDL and on top of it he's pre-diabetic and I too have type 2 diabetes which I think because we got stuck at home and doing Korean BBQ parties during the pandemic. Oh well! (And we were both overweight around December, gained weight lack of exercise) so the doctor scolded me for having high A1c and I felt so embarrassed! So when we got home my husband and I decided to take out rice, bread, potatoes, white flour, and sugar, or anything that carries starchy food! So my husband at this time was at 160lbs and I ask at 220lbs (embarrassing). The first month we lose together 30lbs..15lbs each.. Then around January I started watching your YouTube vlogs and Dr. Berg, Dr. Ali, Dr. Berry, etc. but mainly you cause my husband s been watching your and we bought your gallbladder salt for his problem. We learned about Keto eating (so we lose those weight without eating too many fats yet) but later on we found out that those lbs are mostly water weight we lose). And we both love it. So we went back to the doctor after 3 months for a blood test thinking we are going to be proud of what we both did for our health. We both lost 40 lbs, my type 2 diabetes (A1c) went from 8.6 to 5.8 so he took me out of metformin (which I truly refused to drink. I hardly took it within the 3 months he prescribed it cause of bad side effects too) and also my husband's pre-diabetic (A1c) became normal! Doesn't that make you proud! But no! He was so disappointed and said that Keto is dangerous. Here's my husband's lipid result.: Cholesterol 271mg H (he said and according to what he should have) HDL/cholesterol 5.2 HDL 52 mg which is greater than 40mg so that's great! LDL calculation 201mg H!!! LDL/HDL ratio 3.9 non HDL cholesterol 219mg H!!! Also... His Triglycerides are 88mg which is very good! And VDL calculation is 18. I argued mostly with the doctor but he didn't want to hear it from me and said he wasn't talking about me but shit my husband, instead of talking to us properly he was so defensive and threw at us what he went to school for and what the heart association was saying about cholesterol. So we decided/my husband decided to not take his statin meds anymore so far. He lost all of the weight he needed to lose but I'm still struggling to take it off but I get it we are still different I have no more thyroid and I'm in the menopause stage now and all these weights I gained was from three pregnancy and walk the carbohydrates and sugar I consumed all these years and I don't lose these weight overnight or over a month it'll take time as long as I continue on eating healthy and exercising (I walk, I do Zumba every night, I do Hiit total body workouts once a week and Hiit 15 minutes boxing once a week too and we do hiking/ long miles walking once on the weekend(either Saturday or Sunday) I've lost 26 lbs so far since December but hey my type 2 diabetic is down it's under control and my weight is getting better,, only 60- 65 lbs more to go for me but I feel great! And also my husband! We have another blood test in September(we refuse to go back after 3 months) he hesitated(our doctor)) but we insist so he didn't have a choice.. so now we are on a hunt for a good doctor! We are in Virginia! Any recommendation?

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