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By: Andrew and Glen Dias

Our Storm of perfection Today is a special day in our life, it was exactly 1 year ago to December 14th 2017 at 6:38 am that our lives were jolted into a scary reality. My beautiful bride Glen woke up with a SEVER migraine headache. She had been dealing with these devastating debilitating migraines since she was 16 years old. She has seen MANY Dr's over the years for these but to no avail, all she could hope for was to catch them BEFORE they got " full blown" . As she sat on the side of our bed holding her head and moaning in pain I was jarred awake hearing her. I immediately knew what I needed to do, she needed black coffee ( Sometimes it helped her pain ) so I ran down to the kitchen and made some instant coffee in the microwave. By the time I got back upstairs ( maybe 3 minuets ) Glen was on her knees beside the bed moaning in pain holding her head, she said " something is wrong, this is worse then a migraine this is bad " . So I ran and got a chair for her to sit in, as she continued to moan in pain I encouraged her to drink her coffee and take her migraine pill. At this point Glen and I had been together for about 14 years, sadly she has had MANY " mysterious " illnesses over the years that landed her several times in the hospital. But they could never find a cause after all of the tests, she would eventually improve and we would get " back to normal " until the next medical event " . So as I always did when she felt ill I asked her " do you want me to dial 911 ? " She ALWAYS ( in the past ) would say " No I'll be fine I just need to lay down " . But this time was different...She said YES ! I was shocked and scared... I grabbed the phone and quickly dialed 911, as I spoke to the operator Glen moaned in pain. The operator asked what was the emergency and I tried to explain the situation to her. Then she asked me to ask Glen some question, this is when things went from bad to LIFE THREATENING ! As I asked Glen the questions she all of a sudden couldn't speak. She was trying to get the words out but her mouth wouldn't work ! I had the phone on speaker and the 911 operator could hear Glen trying to form her words but couldn't get them to come out of her mouth . She immediately said " Sir your wife may be having a STROKE " . I couldn't believe what was going on, it was like I was watching my bride dying in front off me! The operator started asking me to have Glen raise her hands, try to smile, try to talk. She then said that the rescue squad was at the house and to go let them in. As I BOLTED down the steps I opened the door to let them in ( it seemed to me they were moving slowly ) "So I said she's upstairs PLEASE hurry"! They did and started checking her vital signs. She still couldn't speak as they asked her questions. All of her vitals were good and in about 15 minuets she started speaking again...Not knowing what was going on they took her to the hospital. This was the beginning of a one year incredible storm in our lives that God used to bless us BOTH in our health and our relationship. Our Journey to better health – Andrew and Glen Dias December 11th 2018 is our 6 month "Keto-versary" . I can't believe how much our lives have changed. On December 14th 2017 my bride Glen Dias' health was in SERIOUS crisis ...Today's turn around is truly nothing less then a miracle, and we praise God ! ... From Dr to Dr...from MRI'S to CAT scans...From Cardiologist's to Neurologist's to Endocrinologist's...from 4 911 calls to 2 separate hospital stays...from diagnosis from mini-stroke's to per-diabetes...On June 7th Glen and I traveled in the midst of all of this craziness to Atlanta to visit my parents and sister. Karen recognized Glen's symptoms and showed us research she had done for her own health challenges. She sat us down and showed us Dr Berg videos, my wife REALLY tuned in it was the FIRST time in 6 months of pure HELL that a Dr understood what she was going through . She wanted more and more. She said she felt like she was in the " Matrix" and being fed information straight into her brain. She helped her sister ( my wife) get through critical withdrawal events and showed us how to get healthy. We left Atlanta with something we hadn't had in 6 months...HOPE! When we got home on June 11th we changed EVERYTHING! We sold out...we cleared our home of EVERYTHING that was killing us (Sugars,Carbohydrates and Wheat products) . We started studying this Ketogenic lifestyle EVERYDAY. We BURNED up the phone lines continuously to Karen, making sure we followed these changes to a tee . So today mark's 6 months! And here is the report: Glen's health is AMAZING no more 911 calls no more hospital stays ALL of her Dr's are STUNNED! No More prescription drugs No more migraines No more " Stroke-like " symptoms! She has lost more then 60lbs! But most of all...she has more energy...and she is more youthful ( she looks 10 years younger ) and feels and looks TERRIFIC! As for me...I decided to join her in this lifestyle change...I was taking 2 Blood pressure meds and a baby aspirin EVERYDAY. Today I'm off of ALL meds...My Blood pressure is in normal ranges...I've lost more then 80lbs and look and feel 10 years younger I've gone from a size 48 waist to a size 36 waist...we thank God for His blessing. So Here is the prescription to Ideal health We have truly invest a lot of time into studying how to achieve not just " Better" health but how to truly achieve " IDEAL" health. It's not easy...but it IS simple...if you do these things as a daily lifestyle you will be AMAZED ... this Healthy Ketogenic lifestyle change actually has 5 phases ( 2 basic and 3 advanced ) #1. Remove the bad stuff --- Sugar & carbs--- total " Net carbs " of 20-30 grams per day. Also COMPLETE removal of wheat from your diet - that's BOTH whole wheat and processed flour products ) #2. Add the good stuff --- healthy fats ( Butter NOT margarine,Olive oils, coconut oils - remove bad oils - Vegetable oils, all soy products ) , add 3-6oz of proteins per meal and 7-10 cups of green leafy cruciferous vegetables per day #3. Add the proper dietary supplements that our bodies need for proper nutrition ( Omega 3, Magnesium, Iodine, Vitamin D3 & K2 ) #4. Cultivate proper bowl flora, adding the proper probiotics and prebiotics for proper absorption of vitamins and minerals. If you do these 4 things...your health will ASTONISH not only you...but ALL of your Dr's ! #5 Intermittent fasting Reference: Dr Eric Berg, Dr William Davis, Dr Ken Berry, Dr Jason Fung Glen and I have ALWAYS had a wonderful marriage, but this storm has even made it better. Today one year later we are BOTH in much better health and God gave us a burning desire to teach others what He has taught us. He spoke to my spirit and said " My people are perishing for the lack of knowledge" go teach them ! He also said to m " To whom MUCH is given, MUCH is required ! " He gave me my bride back AND my health ! God has used this storm to help many others with a journey of healing. Today I'd like to thank EACH and every person that took time to pray for Glen and I in this difficult storm in our lives. We also want to give PRAISE to God for His love and healing in our lives .

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