One Day I'm Eating A Lot of Chocolate, Next Day I'm On A Keto DIet

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By: Trevor K

Before this journey started I was a sugar-eating machine. Every night I would eat a large amount of chips and chocolate bar. Know when I say a lot of chocolate I'm talking around 200 grams or more. I could not go a night without snacking. Then I stumbled across Dr. Berg's site and it changed my life. I watched a lot of his videos and did a lot of reading on keto. Then 3 days later I decided to start the keto way of eating. My start date was Jan 1, 2018, and haven't looked back. To this day (April 20, 2018) I have lost 42 pounds. The start weight was 250 lbs. Current weight is 208 lbs, My goal is to get to 190 lbs. A big thank you to Dr. Berg and his staff, also a big thank you to all the people on his site for advice and encouragement. To the people that say they can go without their sweets and carbs, give it a shot. you will be surprised how this way of eating you don't miss them. Follow Dr. Berg's advice, watch his videos, and educate yourself. you will be glad you did so. Keep Calm and Keto On. Thanks, Trevor Kippenhuck.

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