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By: Carlise Dennis

Not to much of a success, down approx 50lbs, starting at 265, But I’m HypoThyroid and weight loss is such a slow process for me seems like. I do try to jog 3 times a week, approx 2 miles each time, until 2 weeks ago, I hurt my knees with crappy shoes, so I have been nursing my knees... I don’t know what macros to go with, Calories, carbs, protein & fats I’m in a total frustrated state with Keto, I think because of the same old things being eaten.... Please help me, I need to drop more weight. I don’t have an after pic, because I’m not happy with my current weight and body structure, My before pic is the only one I could find. I was probably well over 265 at that point. And that was around March 2015. I was diagnosed with HypoThyroid in May 2017.

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