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By: Robert Putt

Not a success story yet. I was diagnosed with ALS in March of this year. I first stated losing strength in my right leg back in 09', and then started dropping things with my right hand in 2010. In 2011 I started losing my balance and falling. I began seeing a Neurologist in January of 2012. After many months of test they could not figure out what was causing all of this. I struggled working doing iron construction for the next 3 years until August of 2015. I finely had to quit. I then worked for myself for the next 3 years until May of 2018. Even though I was diagnosed with ALS in March I had to continue to work part time thisuntil I started reciving disability in May. In January of this year I was reading about how iron overload destroys the nervous system, So I started giving blood in February. And then in March they finally came to the conclusion that it was a slow progressive form of ALS. When I first gave blood in February my blood iron level was only 40, barely high enough to give blood, but I gave anyway. When the young lady started taking blood her eyes got huge as the blood started flowing. She said oh my God, look how dark your blood is! I said what causes that? She said that is iron. Why was my iron level so low on the test I asked. I don't have a clue she said. I've been giving blood every couple of months since then and my blood iron level continues to rise every time. It was at 47 in September. Doctor Eric, where is all of this iron coming from? Any thoughts, Robert.

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