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By: Beth Arnold

No image's for you but I am on my way. Started a Keto Diet after watching the Magic Pill on Netflicks. I have been tired for a very long time. Not extremely over weight but enough where I did not feel good. 5'6, 164 lbs. I started exersizing but I injured my foot Plantars F. So I am healing up now. In trying to figure out my tiredness I came across one of you video's on Adrenal Fatigue. That is what I was researching because from the things I had been reading it seemed like I had most of the symptoms. However I was most likely more of an extreme case when I was younger. Now at 61 I feel like all I do is sleep. Napping a lot during the day. I am self employed so I can squeeze it in during the day. After I found your video I subscribed to your youtube channel and now I am addicted to your video's lol! I'm putting more keto habits on. I really love to eat this way. My husband I are both doing this. He has lost 16 lbs. I have only lost about 8 to 9, but I'm good. Feeling much better and do well with the itermittent fasting, sometimes being busy I wait too long I think. Just added the lemon/vinegar water yesterday. Thank you for all the research you have done. I am going to sign up on your monthly plan. May go to yearly, knowing myself I want to make sure I am going to stick with it...Beth

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