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By: Rob Kidney

NBCs Biggest Loser Season 17 contestant and brand new Life Coach graduate loves this video because I have settled into OMAD at 6pm as the only way my body will drop weight right now. Full disclosure I also do cream, stevia, and MCT in coffee, ACV and lemon water, and a BHB Ketone drink around lunch time to absolutely kill my hunger. Even OMAD I am only able to drop 1-2lbs a week but that’s just life after years of obesity and Fat Storing Hormone resistance and a ultra slow BMR post TV weight loss show. The key is Dr Bergs videos helped me learn the tools to tweak Keto and make it work for me and they can help you too if you really want to get Healthy and Lose weight. Thanks Dr Berg for helping me stop the 80 lb weight gain after Biggest Loser.

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