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By: Michael Reilly

My top weight was approaching 18 stone or 252 pounds. I am 5ft 9 inches in height and had a very extended belly for many years. I lost about 20 pounds on various diets and slimming meals I would buy from the local store but it was a hit and miss affair. I was looking for the key that would unlock the door to weight control. When searching online, I came across the Keto and low carb community. I was sure I could follow their eating protocols and along with intermittent fasting I got to it. That was 14 months ago. I have now lost 5 stone or 70 pounds. My extended belly is all but gone and ,of course, have dropped many waist sizes. I continue on the plan and hope to be low carb for life. There is no going back. I haven't reached my target weight yet but I'm moving closer month by month. Thank you for your videos and work you do to bring these eating protocols to the general public.

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