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By: Lee Hargreaves

My success story isn't over yet but, so far, it's going well. I'm down 20 pounds (9Kg) in the 2 months I've been Fasting (from a starting point of 204Lb / 92Kg). I came to your channel via Michael Moseley (BBC - 5;2) and then Jason Fung. To me it makes absolute sense to revert to a natural, evolved, eating pattern. We've ignored 200,000 years of Feast/Famine Fat/Protein evolution and somehow decided, in the last 50 years, that it's best to eat Carbs 6 times a day!!! I tend to Fast (totally) from Sunday evening through to Tuesday evening. I have a brutal cycling class on Wednesday morning that really needs carbs. I'll eat normally on Wednesday (usually protein, huge Omelette typically) then I'll fats through to Friday evening. Beside the Autophagy benefits I feel alert, I need less sleep, I'm clearly losing weight but the most surprising thing is that i don't feel as hungry as I used to when dieting (Calorie-counting). I've once fasted 3 days and felt great. The only reason I broke the fast was due to my need for "training carbs". Note. I can cycle perfectly fine during fasting. I can metabolise fat quickly enough to support "normal" cycling but not during training (1,000kcals per hour). It's a great regime, much more suited to me than 7 day dieting. 500kcals during fasting is worse, for me, than total fasting. I'd rather not eat than to have a small amount of something nice. Also, total fasting is so simple. No weighing food, no preparation, no cleaning dishes, no cost, no brainer...just don't eat. Simple. Thanks Doc. Lee (UK)

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