My success is to lose weight from 153.5kg (338.4 pounds) down to 117kg (257.9) or 24.1 stone to 18.4 stone currently and still going.

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By: Keith W.

Hello Dr. Berg, my success is to lose weight from 153.5kg (338.4 pounds) down to 117kg (257.9) or 24.1 stone to 18.4 stone currently and still going. The main reason I wanted to contact you and credit you with a lot of my success is because of your YouTube videos and all the great advice on there. I started this journey years and years ago but kept losing and putting back on the weight. The lowest I ever managed with the P90X program and very healthy eating was 117.5kg. I have now broken that record while only sparingly going to the gym and using ketosis. I am amazed at the results. About 14 months ago I started my journey again at the 24.1 stone weight. I hired a personal trainer and I did very well but the training was intense and the diet didn't seem to be working. And whenever I took a break of a week or two I piled the weight back on again. I lost 3 and a half stone over 6 months and then started to put it back on again and went back up to 138kg from 121kg that I had gotten down to. I plateaued and lost heart and that's why it all came back on. Then I stumbled upon your videos on youtube and your knowledge and counsel have changed my life. Yes I have my part to play and the keto diet is very difficult to stick with but when you see the results it makes it all worthwhile. In just six weeks of following Keto, I have gone from the 138kg I went back up to down to 117kg so far. In just 6 weeks! I know you have said it will slow down and I should reach a stage where I can only lose about 1kg (2lbs) a week. I'm prepared for that, but it hasn't happened yet. The best part of this whole thing is I just had a 2 week holiday from the gym and I actually lost weight during that time by continuing to follow my keto diet. Before I could put on as much as 8kg over a 2 week holiday. It is simply amazing. I have a long-running pact with a friend that we go for drinks once a month. That happened during this weight loss. It knocked me out of keto for 3 days but that still means I get 3 and a half weeks a month out of my keto and it is doing wonders for me. I should also mention that I have managed to do all this while dealing with hormone replacement medication due to a pituitary tumor that went undetected for a long time and killed my pituitary gland. I take Organic Kelp to help with the Iodine levels for my thyroid. All of your advice has been marvelous and I thank you so much for it. I do have one question about the carbs though. I can live without them, I have been doing so, but I'm a little worried I might be doing damage to be cutting them out altogether as I do workout 4-5 times a week. One of those workouts is a hike which can be 4 hours and over. Would a small roll or 1 slice of bread be acceptable on Keto or should I continue to leave carbs out of my diet altogether? I have tried Quinoa and Chickpeas as an alternative but I'm not sure if they are enough for the carbs my body might need for training? As I say, I currently don't eat any so I'm not trying to cheat my diet here but I'm concerned about my health and just want to make sure it is ok to cut carbs completely. I eat three times a day. 2xfried eggs with 3x cherry tomatoes fried in organic coconut oil for breakfast around 09:30-10:00 am. Lunch is either a bag of salad with Italian dressing (2.2 grams sugar per 250ml). 3x cherry tomatoes, 1x slice of cheddar, 5x olives. Protein varies between burger patties, pork, chicken, tuna, egg mayonnaise, etc. All small quantities. Or 20x sprouts with one of the proteins mentioned. The time for lunch is 16:00-17:00. Dinner is usually 20x sprouted with one of the proteins mentioned above. I have green tea and A.C.V+Lemon water with my breakfast. 2x cups of coffee (no sugar) between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner times. Usually the halfway mark between each. So within the 6-hour windows of those meals I have 1x cup of coffee at each stage to help stop snacking between those meals (2 total within the day). And with my dinner, I have chamomile tea as I find it helps me to sleep. I follow this meal plan every day. I add 4x slices of bacon to the breakfast on Hike days (once a week). You can feature me in one of your videos if you think I would make a good case. The medications I'm on if it helps for any potential video or my story are: Carbergoline (Tumour control), Eltroxin (Thyroid), Genotropin (Growth hormone), Nebido (Testosterone) and if unwell Hydrocortone (Steroid). I was also on an ant-acid but after watching your videos on why I might have acid reflux I started using the A.C.V and Lemon water before meals trick and although it hurt initially (I changed it to 1 teaspoon of A.C.V instead of 2 and that helped) I no longer need to take my ant-acids. So thank you for that. I'm doing amazingly well on Keto. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to post your knowledge and information and for changing peoples lives. I'm only sorry I didn't find you earlier! I have attached before and after photos as requested but remember, I'm not done yet! Oh and I should mention. I live in Ireland and I'm 43.

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