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By: Joseph Fallas

My success has been with IF, not Keto. I started intermittent fasting after I watched a BBC documentary called "Eat, Fast, and Live Longer" while sitting on an 18 hour flight to Hong Kong. I started IF with a 16 hour fast beginning Sunday evening after dinner. Then I added more days during the week. Presently, I am fasting no less than 16 hours per day, 6-7 days per week. with Mondays being a full 24+hour fast. Sundays are generally my "cheat day" and I eat quite a bit on Sundays. I train 5-6 days a week in CrossFit, in a fasted state, generally 11 hours since my last calorie intake. It is quite difficult to find high quality, value priced, organic Keto foods in Panama where I live. My "before" image was my "wake up" call. That photo was taken at my 30th year high school reunion, in July of 2010. My "after" photo was taken in a local CrossFit competition. I am in fitter, stronger, and leaner now than in 2014, but don't have a decent photo to submit.

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