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I have been watching Dr. B's videos for several months and can honestly say that it has been very educational. In all my interactions with medical personnel, even having been once married to a top geriatric specialist, no one ever gave me the basic and comprehensive information that these videos provide. I am a 68 yr old, male, who long suffered from GI tract issues. Constipation was my curse.

To make a long saga dignified, I completely changed my diet, incorporating Keto principles of intermittent and occasional fasting. Mine has not been done with such religious fervor as some, but more like an occasional sinner, rather than chronic!

My success has been in dramatically decreasing my extra sugar intake. I used to drink a gallon or more of Coca-Cola every day! Now my primary fluid intake is lemon water and coffee. I am getting smarter about carbs, especially fruits, which I thought were good sugars! Who knew, not me! Now, I am much more judicious in which ones I eat and how often. I have also incorporated seeds and nuts into my diet in moderation. These replace fast food cravings for me.

In general, Dr. Berg brought back the quality aspects of the American Diet that have mysteriously been condemned over the years, like cooking with real butter, eating steak, salmon, beef liver, and eggs!!! I have even found a quality extra virgin olive oil from Morocco that tastes great. For supplements, I take digestive enzymes and SEED probiotics for the GI tract. Normally now, I have OMAD, maybe 2, or a snack instead.

I have not lost noticeable weight but I have lost bloating. For me, the exercise really takes the weight off in combo with the better diet, but I am not doing enough. This fall I took up cold water swimming and after only a few days, I did acclimate and keep it up, almost daily. If the sun is shining, I usually take a dip in the pool. Surprisingly, I have not had a cold or sniffles from it and allergies have receded dramatically. Today my major health issue is COPD from 50 years of continuous heavy smoking. If they would put me in solitary confinement until I really quit, I would sign up today!!!l

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5264 keto success stories so far. Add yours and inspire others!

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