So thank you Dr. Berg, we owe you a huge debt of gratitude!

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By: James Nelson

My story starts with my lovely wife. She really wanted to lose weight and she started researching weight loss. When Cindy gets something in her head she goes all in and is one of the best researchers I've ever seen! So one morning I got up struggling as usual with my chronic pain, and once I was able to cope and communicate. Cindy started telling me about this new diet she discovered. She went on to tell me that she read that it would reduce inflammation and it might be something we should try. She started telling me that sugars and starches caused inflammation and that grains, bread and rice was really not good for us and on and on. Well I immediately tuned her out because bread, rice, and sugar was my staple food. She continued watching video after video and was telling me about this guy Dr. Berg and all his research. By noon, when I came in from working, she had made her mind up that she was trying it. I said great, let me know if there's anything I can do to help you, and I left it at that. So off to the races she went. I told her that I wasn't doing it because, in my opinion, anything that included lots of fat could in no way be healthy! I was actually worried about it. I love my wife very much and I didn't want to lose her to a heart attack! About 3 weeks into it, I noticed her clothes were all hanging on her and she started having all this energy! Cindy was a slow mover, she was sluggish and really never got into a hurry for nothing. It drove me crazy because I'm always running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. All of a sudden she was keeping up with me, she was always happy, she started wanting to do everything with me and on and on. I was baffled to say the least. I think I even questioned her about diet pills and wondered where in the heck is all this energy coming from?! So to fast forward a bit, She was really dropping inches off everywhere. I kept telling her how good she looked and how happy I was that she was energetic and so forth but I was really worrying about how healthy could this possibly be and I made her get an appointment to have her blood work done. I just knew this was where I was gonna get to say, HA! I told you so! A few days later her nurse called her and was beside herself about how good Cindy's numbers were and to keep up the good work! I was absolutely baffled but very intrigued. Cindy was hot again and very healthy looking. She even started looking younger! The inches kept falling off and I was getting heavier...This couldn't be right! She was eating way too much fat I kept thinking... About 5 months in I was like, maybe I should give this a whirl. So now I'll set the stage about me and my health. I'll try to be brief here. I am an absolute mess. I weighed about 215 and now about 5' 10". Over the last few years all my hard and dangerous living had caught up with me. I had broken 28 bones from horses falling on me and my spine was a total mess. I had three 360 degree fusions in my lumbar region with 4 plates, a rod, cage, and 16 screws, In my neck I had a plate, 4 screws and a cadaver bone. I was getting a series of injections several times a year and between those I was have nerve blocks and RF Ablations done, not to mention I was taking a huge amount of pain killers. I'll tell you how much just to explain so feel free to edit this out if needed. I was taking three 60mg of Morphine 3 times daily as well as five 15mg of Roxicodone daily. On top of that I was taking 1000mg twice a day of Metformin for diabetes, 20mg of lisinipril for hypertension,and simvastatin for my cholesterol and several more medications for the rest of my ailments. My eyes were getting really bad with extreme pressure, and glaucoma. I knew I had to do something or my Princess was gonna be taking care of this little farm by herself. So, one morning I woke up feeling like death and I told Cindy, fine! I'll give it a try, what in the heck do I have to lose! Cindy explained that it could take a couple weeks for me to go into ketosis but to just stick with it and I should start feeling better soon. At the time I'm writing this, it was about 2 months ago. Well, about 48 hrs after I started the Keto diet, I was teasing Cindy and said I believe I am in ketosis and she laughed at me and said there is no possible way but to shut me up she gave me one of those sticks you pee on that tells you whether or not you are putting out ketones. I went to the bathroom and when I came out I was shocked! I WAS actually in ketosis and we were both in disbelief! That really encouraged me and I was all in!!! About a week later I was 7 pounds lighter. I thought maybe it was because I had been walking up and down these hills out on the farm. But... the next week I was down another 8 pounds and the story repeated itself the following week. What was really flabbergasting me is that I was feeling like a million dollars and I was getting a ton of work done. This can't be real I was thinking. Well, it was real. My Pain Doc was surprised that I asked him to lower my pain medicine by half the first month and again the next month. So much in fact that I am now only taking two 30mg of Morphine a day, and four 10mg of Oxycodone for the breakthrough pain. I had my bloodwork done and my numbers were so good that my doc cut all of my meds in half. She informed me that in 3 months if my numbers were still that good that I would be coming off of the Metformin, Lisinipril and the Simvastatin. Believe me, I know this can't be typical but I have a super fast metabolism and always have. My goal weight was 185lbs and when I weighed myself a week ago I was down to 179lbs!!! I feel better than I have in 20 years and my body looks fantastic. I went to my eye specialist and I was afraid of the bad news I was going to get because I kept forgetting to put the drops in my eyes for the pressure. The doc was very surprised that my eye pressure was normal but said hey, the drops seem to be working. That's when I informed him that I kept forgetting the drops but I was on this new diet called Keto. He was very interested and decided to use me as his guinea pig. He said leave the drops alone for 3 weeks and don't use them at all then we'll check you again. So, 3 weeks later guess what?! Yep, normal pressure. Unbelievable results every where I look! We are still checking eye pressure every 3 weeks but so far so good! I know all my results can't be typical due to my extreme metabolism but this Keto diet is for real and it has absolutely changed my life in a little over 2 months. I'll rephrase that, it has changed OUR lives and we are again living life to it's fullest and we owe every bit of it to Dr. Berg and my beautiful wife doing a little research. So thank you Dr. Berg, we owe you a huge debt of gratitude! The before photo was taken about a month or two ago from our trail cam. I didn't take any specific before photos because I never expected these results let alone showing anyone. The after photo was taken today specifically for this success story! I apologize for showing off!! Angles are my friend in this photo

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