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By: Tabetha adams

My name is tabetha I'm 36.When I was 34 I had a heart attach that left me feeling like there was no hope for me.I struggled with weight my whole life and failed every diet I did.But I finally found keto and finally found something I could do.I was 240 pounds very depressed and failed as a mother everyday by helping my family become over weight to.So I started keto and IF and lost almost 100 pounds I am now 145 pounds and couldn't be more happier.My whole family are now on this journey we take it one day at a time.This first has helped me with changing the way I think, eat , sleep and so much more..My dream is to have at least one person read my story and it helped the change there life's..I want people to know there is hope out there and you can do it..

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