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By: Tabetha adams

My name is tabetha I am 36..When I was 34 I had a heart attach and had stints put in and on meds for it.I was 240 and so unhealthy and depressed because I felt like I couldn't do nothing every diet I done I failed and my family failed with me.Then I came across keto and I did it and I finally started feeling better and losing weight.I had finally found something that worked.I went all in with this diet and went from 240 pounds to 145 and never felt better.I not only lost weight but I feel alive again, I feel that my better choices in life are gonna make my families lives a lot easier and healthier.We now do it as a family each day it gets better on them..I am learning to love myself again and growing more each day as I go..My goal is to reach at least one person and them get something from my story and it change there life's..

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