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By: Matthew lidstone

My name is Matthew lidstone . I’m from Niagara Falls ontario Canada . I’ve always been a heavier set person and been on crash diets that took off some weight but when I finished I would gain twice as much back . In March of this year I got on a scale at work at it said I weighed 275 I couldn’t believe it . That was the heaviest I’ve ever been . I knew I had to make a change in my life and started researching diets, when I came across dr bergs channel on YouTube . I began keto and IF right away jumping in head first and going right to fasting for 16 hours . After about a month I dropped 20 pounds then 10-15 pounds a month after that . The weight was just comming right off . It has now been almost 6 months on keto and IF and I have lost 70 pounds ! I can’t believe it and it is saying off . I have so much more energy and feel better than I ever have . Keto is my new way of life and I tell everyone about dr berg and how he changed my life . I owe my weight loss to you . Thank you for everything you do and the constant videos and education on how to do keto properly . I now eat to live and not live to eat . Hopefully my Weight loss can be a motivation to someojenthat thinks they can’t do it , because I was there only 6 months ago .

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