Thank you for your education.


By: Guy

My name is Guy, I recently had discovered coronary artery disease and hence a spiral of other ailments came around, including fatty liver, insulin resistance etc etc. I have been watching you videos for a while now trying firstly to get around fatty liver with no success. I was getting late night cravings for chocolates, sweets, chips and the belly was storing what I craved. I started with cutting out many production carbs in my diet like pasta and from italian background was hard, breads, sugar, like soft drinks, no sugar in coffee or tea either and all of that. I don't eat till midday many days to fast 15 hours . Following a keto diet I have already lost 15kg as I was 116kg and now 101kg, so hopefully more to shed. I don't get cravings anymore for sweets and have replaced many processed food items back to basic foods like meat, chicken, eggs and a variety of mixed salads. Dr Berg you have inspired me with your videos and gave me the will, with your wealth of knowledge. I will keep listening to you and share your story. Thank you for your education.

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