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By: Bassam

My name is Bassam Samawi. I'm 50 years old and I have a heart condition, diabetes type 1, high blood pressure. I believe I owe my life to Dr. Berg because 8 months ago, my health issues got worse from swelling legs, I couldn’t walk more than a hundred yards and my heart rate wasn’t stable up-down. My wife and I started looking for the cause, one day we found your video talking about (fatty liver) I have noticed that I had all the symptoms, then I did what the Dr. said and I recognized all my problems. After that, I listened to all the videos. By the way, my weight at this time is 355 IP. I started doing Keto step by step with Dr. Berg, after 8 months l lost 105 IP and now my total sugar level drop from 9.8 to 5.3, and my daily sugar daily is 77 and no more insulin, and all my problems resolved especially fibrillation. I believe if I didn’t do Keto and listen to Dr. Berg I wouldn’t be alive. Thank you so much to Dr. Berg and all the group. I like to share my story with others because it’s really different life with Keto

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