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By: Alex Zorzoliu

My name is Alex I am almost 45. I was born in Romania. Right after high school I worked for an Oil company in Romania ????????. Physically I was in very good shape. I didn't have a car, I used to walk for miles every day going through the Oil fields to and from work to catch a train or a bus etc. And my laziness and cooking skills didn't hurt. I would only eat when I was hungry. For one year I was a Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian. I used to skip meals a lot. My metabolism was great. I could eat anything and my weight was great. I didn't understand how people could get fat. At age 27 I met Sharon. She came to Romania as a missionary we liked each other. We got married in 2002. She introduced to me American culture. Tasty foods, gravy, cookies, chocolate cakes, etc. Before I had a sweet tooth but my life style was changing. A few years ago my sister learned about Herbalife. So she lost weight through shakes they were offering for a piece. She became a wellness provider. I was weighing 210 pounds when she offered to "help me" I did not like to hear about paying for that kind of service. I thought I could lose weight if I wanted on my own. I decided to stop eating before 6 o'clock every evening. If my wife would be ready with food 6PM I would eat if not I wouldn't. I skipped a lot of everything meals. I lost 10 ponds that way. But than I did some more schooling. I took ID courses for Social Assistant and the toughest on my health was seminary master of arts in theology. We ate at the university and the food was not great. There was a lot of stress. I gained even more. I got to 230. I kept thinking some day I will lose weight. But I didn't want to starve myself again. This January I weighed 235. I decided to stop drinking coke. I thought that should be enough to help with the weight. Then it may I got an Apple Watch. And I use a lot of apps that help me monitor food and weight. I started to watch YouTube videos about losing weight. I found a lady with a show "live the most nutritious life". In a short time I lost 10 pounds. I learned about healthy foods. Then I kept watching YouTube videos about loosing weight and I found your videos. Now I am back to 210 and hope to lose more. I meep learning a lot. Now Since I am watching your videos I am eating a lot of salads that we grow in our own garden in Romania. If you want I will keep you posted with my progress. Since I am watching you videos I decided to stop eating sugar and learned about hidden sugars and also about intermittent fasting. Thank you!

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